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About us

The Art of Simplicity, Is Our guiding Line...

At Bioline Dental Implants, we address the needs of dental implantology’s, shearing our experience and technologies, utilize experts and invest in research, training and education. All this results in the art of simplicity solutions that simplify dental implantology procedures and deliver proven clinical long-term success.

Our Products

We Maximize our experience and technologies to ensure that our products
offer the best high-end clinical solution.
From the beginning of our activity in 2005, we have been focused on the development, design and manufacture of dental implants and very accurate prosthetic parts. Our state of the art manufacturing facility, which is operational 24/7, includes a dedicated team of designer’s clinical consultant, cnc operators and Qa department to ensure the highest possible standards and quality of our products enable us to grant a lifetime warranty for our dental implants.

Revolution in implant Dentistry

BioLine Company Proud to Present our new dental implant : "i" implant , innovative graft less solution for Immdeate loading 

Our Team

Asher Ohayon

Józef Ohayon

Dr Salvador Stern

Dr Leon Ardikian


As an advanced medical certified manufacturing facility, Bioline is fully compliance with all European directive for Medical Devise EN 93/42/EEC and ISO 13485:2016. Our factory is inspected on a regular basis by European Notified Body to ensure we are comply the requirements of the Standards.

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